Forgotten World


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    Forgotten World

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    Re: Forgotten World

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    1. there are 1-4 grades, 1 u can easy go alone, 4 is hardcore u need really REALLY a full 110 maxed skilled buffer pt, higher grade = higher drop rate from talsimans!

    2. u need to kill every mob and unique in this cave otherwise the doors wont open in every section

    3. treasure boxes, kill them and u can get taismans, this talismans u can activate in your collection book (is in the menu) ,  or your sell them.

    4. at the last unique, its in the last room u can also drop b grade egy weapon (just in the d11 forgotten world) but they are ******* rare.

    5. b4 ull can get a sun u need to get the quest

    8D quest is at trader shop
    9D quest is the general
    10D general
    11D alex south, north from the porter

    - SUN is just aviable at D8/D9, D10 is MOON and D11 is SoN

    The different "talisman" depending on the degrees:

    Togui Village (Level range: 35-50 / 51-60 / 61-70) Reward: D8 Sun Weapon

    Red tears
    Western Scriptures
    Togui Mask
    Red Talisman
    Dull Kitchen Knife
    Spell Paper
    Elder Staff

    Flame Mountain (Level range 71-80 / 81-90) Reward: D9 Sun Weapon

    Fire Flower
    Horned Cattle
    Flame of Oblivion
    Flame Paper
    Hearthstone Flame
    Enchantress Necklace
    Honghaeah Armor
    Fire Dragon Sword

    Shipwreck: The Green Abyss (Level range 91-100) Reward: D10 Moon Weapon

    Silver Pendant
    Cobalt Emerald
    Love Letter
    Portrait of a Woman
    Jewelry Box
    Diamond Watch
    Mermaid's Tears

    Shipwreck: The Sea of Resentment (level range 101-110) Reward: D11 Nova Weapon
    Broken Key
    Large Tong
    Phantom Harp
    Evil's Heart
    Vindictive Spirit's Bead
    Hook Hand
    Commander's Patch
    Sereness's Tears

    * Talismans drops too without quest
    * To open boxes use a Char, which have less or any talisman in his collection book.
    because you will have a higher droprate.

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